we-are-the-b4nd-sluts said: Embarrassing Story: It was the beginning on the day and as I sat down I heard my best guy friend laughing at me. I look at him and say "What" and he goes :you bled through" Because we had to wear a grey jumper as my uniform you can see a whole spot of blood that seeped through. And I had to go around the whole day with my sweater around my waist. It was HORRIBLE! My guy friend still reminds me of it all the time too. -.-

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Anonymous said: Embarrasing Story: Every Summer I go to Chicago. This summer was the first time i went after my first period. We usually go to Wisconsin and chill at the Dells known for its amusement and water parks. Got my period the day before so i couldnt go in the water. My aunt said "just go on the lazy river! I promise you dont even get wet!"Ended up falling in. My aunt was laughing. -__- btw: this was before i knew of the gift of tampons.

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Anonymous said: Embarrassing story:So one time I was spending the night at my friends house that I didn't know very well and I was just going home after school with her. At school that day I had gotten my period and I had all the stuff that I needed so I wasn't worried, and I am pretty light anyway. Well we went to sleep and I woke up about five minutes before her and blood was ALL over her white sheets. She woke up to me trying to clean it up. It was awkward and her mom had to help. Worst. Thing.

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Anonymous said: Embarrassing story: Once when I went to a summer camp when I was 13, I had my period, right? Well I didn't use tampons at the time, and I really wanted to go swimming, so I thought I could just stick a couple pads on and put some athletic shorts over my swimsuit. My pads came off after like.. 10 minutes in the water, and they were just floating in the lake. This little 8 year old was like OMG WHAT IS THAT and everyone had to get out of the lake and I didn't tell anyone but I was so embarrassed

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Anonymous said: Embarrassing Story: Last month I went to go change my tampon and when I'm on my period I carry a little bag around with tampons or liners in them and I went to the bathroom to change it and I set the bag down to wash my hands and went back to class. But I forgot the bag so I asked to go back and get it and my male teacher asked what was inside of it and I told him makeup so when I got back to class again he didn't believe me so he looked inside the bag. I was so embarrassed!

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Anonymous said: Embarrassing story: I was on a white water rafting trip with my summer camp, and I bought super absorbency tampons for the first time instead of the regulars, thinking that would be enough. Getting off the bus arriving at our tents where we were staying, blood was running down my legs. I used the br on the bus and forgot to lock the door! One of the male counselors open the door, saw my stained bathing suit, and me pulling out my tampon. All he said was 'Woah, sorry' and closed the door.

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Anonymous said: Once I got my period at my dad's house, but it was proper heavy and took me by surprise, I bled all over the sheets and I had to awkwardly shuffle to the bathroom with blood all down my legs, I looked like a little sister from bioshock! And my dad was just stood there like 'oh'

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Anonymous said: embarrassing story: last weekend i was having a sleepover with a bunch of my friends and like 3 or 4 guys were there and we all sleeped in this really big white bed and i got my period that night it was all over the bed and the guys will not st teasing me about it i was mortified

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