question………where did you guys start your first period at?

sup maricopa county library.

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    I was twelve and a half (I remember this because my two older sisters were twelve and a half too haha) and I went to the...
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    omg i was 11 and in sixth grade in school and i was like “hey i have to poop” so i go in the bathroom and i did and i...
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    Home. I slipped and fell down the back steps because they were icy and later I went to pee and there was blood and I was...
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    home. thank jesus
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    My friends cottage. Age ten. Her brother was the only other person there. Awkward….
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    I’d just turned 10. It was like, fourteen days afterwards. I was in a store, when I felt like crapping. I told my mum...
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    at home, 9 years old, right before i left for day summer camp(the non-sleep over kind). one of my friends had a total...
  8. mkmonster said: When I was 10 and on vacation in Florida… :|
  9. d3v0r4 said: at my house while watching the notebook. I was 9 xD
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    thank god guys cant get periods, but thanks for sharing guys. mind is now blown.
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    I was a counselor at a children’s day camp :/
  12. 2940322405 said: i was 12, first evening on a canoe camp, no pads or anything, nearest store about 10624125 kilometers away. AND NO TOILET FOR A WHOLE FUCKING WEEK.
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    I was at home, like literally as I was walking to the bathroom.
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    on a camping trip while sleeping in a tent. at the age of 10. and i hate to tell my male science teacher because he was...
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    three years ago… during the summer.. while i was on the computer |:
  16. themarsresolution said: Stranded in the middle of Moreton Island, two hours away from mainland, with no tampons. Three hours before we were leaving. What a waste of a swimsuit.
  17. whosideawasit said: First day of 6th grade. I was 11.
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    Guys don gets periods. I thought I shat my pants because it was light and brown.
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    About 11 I think. I was home alone sitting on my couch when I was all “HMM WHAT UNDERWEAR AM I WAERING TODAY?” and then...
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    Literally the day after my 9th birthday when we were supposed to go to a waterpark for my party ;;
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    Twelve or thirteen. Eighth grade year. In the middle of school haha. But it was light, my periods always have been.
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    My neighbour’s little sister’s birthday party. Yaaaaay.
  23. aweasleywoman said: At home….thank goodness.
  24. himynameiszayn said: I was 9, it was a day off from school and I was taking the garbage out and I felt something and guess whooo?
  25. justalittlebitobsessive said: at home (whilst i was home alone with my little brother who was 9 at the time..i was 11.)
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    A school day, ended up calling my mother and going home. |;
  27. greatkate88 said: I was 12 and started on my first day on a family beach vacation. I was too scared to use a tampon and couldn’t go swimming during the whole vacation.
  28. penultimatum said: in a tree
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    Age 12, during the summer before my 7th grade year. :|
  30. mythoughtsarelittlestars said: Baking in the school kitchen, grade seven. The pad that they gave me would have worked better as a diaper. B|
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    Disneyland. :|
  32. aaaalexaaaandraaaa said: sacs hot dogs (:
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    Fucking Disney World.
  34. whatdomyelfeyessee said: Valentines Day. School bathroom. It was a day TOO full of the color red for my liking.
  35. oookillembees said: school :[
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    On the day of my 12th birthday. :I Exactly when the national motherfucking average said it would....
  37. dearestlittlebird said: 6th grade. 11 years old.
  38. goal-tolivehappily said: Uh, at my birthday party…it was a pool party FML.
  39. starsandxsdudewerepickingwishes said: 15
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    Oh whatsup PE When I came home that day I was like, “Aw crap.”
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    I was…11 when I got mine .____. I feel like I got it so early compared to you guys. I went to the bathroom and I...
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    I was 10, woke up, went to the bathroom and found my underwear all bloodied up. I just yelled out the door “Mom! I...
  43. paintmeaprettypicturee said: Awk…i’ve been to that library…
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    Awww I know sweetheart, I could never really punch you, you’re too adorbs.
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    Oh derp, how stupid of me. I start my first period at Kenmore, almost at Bothell. Quite a nice area. (no in all honesty...
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