the tampon comes out when you pee. That’s your fucking body telling you to change it, durp. And I agree, the things you say are often wrong. So stop.

funny because i have to manually take my tampon out when i want to change it. maybe you’re just that loose. :/

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Posted on February 26th at 7:10 AM
  1. the-gutter-flower said: Your body doesn’t tell you to change it when you pee, you derp derp. You feel you have to pee when your brain tells you, and you change it either: 1.) Time limit, 2.) when it starts feeling uncomfortable. The mod is smart so stfu. GO MOD <3
  2. baiserelle said: Wtf peeing is not your body telling you to change your tampon, why would you pee when you dont have tampons on then? I change my tampon every time i pee, but not because it COMES out. the string gets wet though D: LOL so i change it
  3. tyrafae said: Um if you change your tampon to often, especially when it is still dry, it can cause you to get infections. Reason being that if the tampon is still dry and you try to remove it cotton particles come off and stay inside and can become rancid and TSS.
  4. att3ntionwh0r3 said: But it’s kinda funny how you can pee with a tampon in… What if I went to change my tamp, and I go back 5 minutes later? Do I change it AGAIN? No. -__- Fucking morons. & It doesn’t come out when you pee… They are two different holes. Again, MORONS
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    what the fuck is all this? The shit people argue about…
  6. tothesea-of-love said: i’ve only peed with a tampon in once, and it didn’t even try to come out..
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  8. pancakery said: Omg. I have a small bladder and therefore have to pee with a tampon in or I’d go through like a hundred tampons a month. Everyone I know does the same thing. It definitely does NOT fall out.
  9. xxanipeachyplumstarxx said: AHAHAHA lol
  10. avid-lady said: Oh my god… retarded is this bitch? You don’t change it every time you pee. Apparently you’re putting it in incorrectly so it comes out easily. Or you use shitty tampons. Or you’re loose. :|
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    Looooooool. Considering you don’t piss from your vagina (ya know, where you stick the tampon), but your urethra……this...
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    what are some of these idiots talking about?! I totally still pee and it doesnt EVER come out.. ever…and I change it...
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    That last response….. #winning
  14. fuckyouchristy said: You have two holes…your vagina and then your urethra…your pee comes out your urethra and your tampon is inserted into your vagina. Your tampon shouldn’t come out when you pee, that means you’ve not put it in properly, or in the right hole.
  15. deans-luscious-lashes said: lol you are a bitch. probably haven’t gotten laid in months. since you’re such a fucking expert, I shouldn’t be the one having to tell you that the bladder makes pressure on your vagina when you pee, where the tampon happens to be. dumb cunt.
  16. hoboapprentice said: I’ve only used a tampon a few times (just not comfortable for me overall), I’ve never had one fall out when I pee. That makes no sense at all. XD Reminds me of that “pee after sex to keep from getting pregnant” myth.
  17. kaydee713 said: LMAOO your response.. but if you READ the tampon instructions, it says every 6-8 hours to change it, not every time you pee! maybe you didn’t do it correctly if it comes out when you pee…
  18. soyqt said: OH SNAP
  19. theresthasbeenbraggadocio said: your vagina and your urethra are two different things - so technically… they shouldn’t be interacting really…
  20. samilove8995 said: Your tampon doesn’t come out when you pee for most. You don’t urinate from your vagina. Just saying. Haha
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