Anonymous said: You're stupid. You shouldn't pee with a tampon in, that's just disgusting. You should be changing your tampon everytime you go to the bathroom. And you're not some kind of sex expert, you should probably stop acting like a doctor.

are you serious lol. how the fuck old are you? you can absolutely pee with a tampon in. and if you are drinking enough water/liquids to compensate a healthy intake, you should be peeing often. as in every 1-2 hours. if you want to change your tampon that often (or in your case, the stick up your cunt), go ahead. not everyone does. you should probably stop acting like a giant pussy on anon.

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Posted on February 26th at 7:06 AM
  1. the-gutter-flower said: oh anon, don’t be so stupid.
  2. jmr-c said: urine comes from the urethra. tampon goes in the vagina. just move the string. is this fucking real?
  3. confessionsofagryffindor said: All you gotta do is hold the string out of the damn way and peeing is no problem..idiots. Idk about some of these people, but my tampon doesn’t fall out when I pee, and if yours does, you might be a bit too loose downstairs.
  4. residentialfatcat said: I hope this anon realizes that the tampon goes in one hole and the urine comes out a different one…. it’s not like a penis.
  5. tehbehh said: two holes that are undeniably close together. if you pee a little in your pants, would sit in them for 8 hours? a tampon is built to soak up liquids. if you think that isnt happening when you pee, you should prolly see a doctor. not a tumblr.
  6. kissesandtattoos said: YOU HAVE TWO HOLES YOU PRICK.
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