Anonymous said: why dont you wear them?!

because i dislike tampons? i dont enjoy the feeling of taking them out. i don’t bleed enough to care if im wearing a pad. and i’m a college student so i’m basically at home studying all the time, not at school 8 hours a day 5 days a week. i dont mind pads. so much easier to change. 

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Posted on February 23rd at 2:07 PM
  1. hurrdurrcats said: I think pads are more annoying. You gotta peel it off your underwear, set it down somewhere, open the new pad, peel that shit off and put it in your underwear, roll up the gross old one in the new wrapper, dispose of it. Tampon: pull out, flush, done
  2. hetaclypse said: ugh I AGREEEE I’ve never tried a tampon, and I’m in no hurry to.
  3. nikonmoments said: Huh… I personally love tampons. But I think if your flow is heavier maybe? I don’t like feeling sticky. And I ALWAYS feel like there’s an odor when I wear them. But again, I guess it depends on your flow? Tampons are wonderful, I think! :)
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